HI Im Rebecca (Becky) I am  Silver Level Motorsport Australia Accredited  Photographer, I provide images for Auto Action, Motorsport Australia, Virgin Australia Supercars, Motorsport Australia Championships, Vic State Race Series, PIARC.

In 2017 I won the 2016 CAMS Motorsport Photograph of the Year, as I captured Shane Van Gisbergen in celebration to winning the 2016 Championship. 

In 2018 I won the PIARC Winston Maguire Clubman of the Year.

I studied a 2 year course at  PIC  Photographic Imaging Collage http://pic.org.au/ where I studied many area's of film photography in B&W through to colour.

I have  been interested in Sports Photography for most of my life and have a passion for Motor Sport as will be seen in many of my photographs I enjoy contributing to the history of Motor Sport and endeavour to encourage families to experience the atmosphere of the Event. I Have 3 Children Jayla Charlie & Alfie with my Husband Loz & as a family we attend the events over the year.

I have been Published in Vic State Racer, Extreme magazine, Auto Action, Historic Touring Torque to mention a few.

We now have a team of 5 attending the events 

Greg has been a big part of Revved Photography and has been attending a lot of the interstate events, he is currently taking some time away to travel with his wife but will be back to grassroots Motorsport at a later date.

Loz started out in Motorsport as a member of The Victorian Fire & Rescue Squad and since 2018 he has started Photographing all Major Events for Revved Photography. 

Robert has always Been interested in Motorsport & Photography with many years of attending events as a spectator and photographing as a Spectator he has now turned that enjoyment to on track Photography for Revved Photography.

Steve (Spency) has also  Been interested in Motorsport & Photography and he has now turned that enjoyment to on track Photography for Revved Photography.